Cover Scent Field Spray (8oz) & Refill (16oz)


Be The Tree picks up where common scent eliminators fall short with an all-natural, long-lasting, downwind-proven blend of natural woodland surroundings that is now available as a value pack. If more bang for your buck is what you need to bag that other buck skirting your stand all season long, this Be The Tree spray and refill pack is sure to be the most cost effective way to make sure your stink doesn’t ruin that moment of truth. Be The Tree is hunt-proven and non-toxic. The Be The Tree Spray and Refill Kit includes a compact, easy-to-tote 8-oz. spray bottle and 16-oz refill. Made in USA.

Case 8
Single bottle/pack


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Cover Scent

This is the best stuff out there. I've tried numerous cover scents that you can buy in the store and have always had the best luck with this. This is all I use any more and try to recommend it to everyone else I know that uses a cover scent.
Posted by Jason Yazvac, Sep 20th 2018

Love it

My husband swears by this stuff we order every year it’s a must have for hunting season
Posted by Rachell , Dec 11th 2017

Awesome product

Very impressed with this product. Best cover scent I've ever used and plan on using it from now on.
Posted by Michael Crawford, Nov 7th 2017

Btt cover scent

Great product, use it year round for any hunting, turkey, predators, deer etc. Be the tree has me covered for all seasons. And does so without chemicals.
Posted by Kevin, Aug 26th 2017