Conditioner (12oz)


Everyone knows a squeaky clean tree can still use a little extra TLC. Your hair isn’t any different. Be The Tree Conditioner gives your hair that extra attention it needs on long, tough hunts, especially when showers can be hit or miss. While Be The Tree and hunters around the globe agree that good scent control begins in the shower, it doesn’t end with soap and shampoo. Hunting may not be about looking your best, but it’s not about giving up either. Be The Tree Conditioner comes in a mid-size 12-oz. bottle.


For best results follow these simple instructions.

  1. With our exclusive liquid laundry detergent or unscented, wash all hunting garments, clothing, bath towel, wash cloth and undergarments to make sure there are no other scents but what our products offer
  2. Store all hunting clothes, bath towels, cloths and undergarments in scent free bag until the morning of the hunt
  3. Shower in our exclusive body wash/bar soap and shampoo
  4. Dry off with bath towel washed in our exclusive laundry detergent or unscented 
  5. Dress in clothes washed in exclusive laundry detergent or unscented
  6. Before heading to stand/blind/hunting site use our exclusive field spray to mask any unnoticeable scents, making sure to hit all areas and the bottom of your boots
  7. Once arriving at your hunting area apply a small amount of field spray a short distance from you so attention is drawn elsewhere
  8. Now you are ready to hunt
  9. Good luck in the field and above all practice safety first and foremost
  10. If at any time you develop any type of allergic reaction to our products, Immediately stop use and seek out a physician
  11. AVOID spraying in the eyes or on broken skin
  12. This product is not meant for consumption avoid doing so at all times
Single bottle/pack


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