About Us


"Be The Tree LLc" came about in 2014 in the small rural town of Craley, Pa. For the last 26 years, hunting and the outdoors has been a large influence in our lives. At the age of 12 the Hunting fire was lit and couldn't be extinguished. Hunting wasn't just a passion, but a way of life as we grew from teenagers into adults. As our hunting grew we had found archery hunting and the passion turned into obsession. Patterning deer, checking trail cams, plowing food plots, filling feeders and mineral sites on the weekends was second nature. We were spending most of our free times in the fields and woods.

Going with the mainstream of the industry, we had bought everything to get that next best edge to harvest a booner. Scent elimination was where the industry was. Until one morning while checking trail cams directly after a storm the night before, the wind started swirling and the raw smells of the woods hit us in the face. We spend a lot of money concealing our silhouettes with camouflage and patterns of the great outdoors. Why couldn't we do the same with our human scent. And so started our journey in researching and developing a cover scent that actually convinces the deer you are the tree. Our long lasting mixture Gives you that extra time for that perfect chance of a lifetime.


All of these animals shown above have a very keen sense of smell which they utilize to survive. If you find yourself hunting any of these animals, they often check the wind to be aware of their surroundings. If there is an outside smell they will be alarmed and possibly will never give you the opportunity at harvesting one of these animals. This is where we step in. "Be The Tree" utilizes the surroundings these animals are used to and the multiple layers convinces them that you are no where in the picture and they can go about there business.